Cloverlily – The Beginning of Something Great

Cloverlily – The Beginning of Something Great

Cloverlily – The Beginning of Something Great

Hello, we are Cloverlily!

Like all good stories, Cloverlily’s story starts with nervously drinking a pint at 11 o’clock in the morning. It was a wedding, I was with my friend on a barge that doubled as a bar. He was in the toilet and I was desperately trying to fit my button hole, having never worn one I had no idea what I was doing. I was trying desperately, jabbing an ever softening stalk into a hole that was virtually sewn tight. (We have all been there to some degree.)

Why was I nervously supping a pint I couldn’t finish? This wasn’t the first wedding after all… I have photographed countless and had been a guest at a few too. I was nervous because – this one was mine.

Cloverlily was born when I saw my wife walking down the aisle.

The Team


Cloverlily - Elly O'Reilly

Elly is a genius with anything that requires organising having been a Digital Project Manager for the past 5 years. She is an extremely talented photographer.


Mac is our head of security. When not applying ocular pat-downs he can be found sleeping and eating.


Ben O'Reilly

Finally me, I have been a photographer for close to ten years, and have moved into design, videography and illustration in the past few years.


You will find mostly tips, tricks and reviews in the blog, So watch this space.

To read more about us and what we offer visit our about us page, and dont forget, you can get in touch too!






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