Cloverlily’s Favorite 8 Jobs. – Pt1.

Cloverlily’s Favorite 8 Jobs. – Pt1.

Cloverlily’s Favorite 8 Jobs. – Pt1.

What can Cloverlily do for you?

In short, Cloverlily can pretty much do anything creative… You need Wedding Photography… Sure! You need a business card designed… No Problem! You need a Brand Identity Guideline Written… Give me as much info and 2 weeks and its yours!

Cloverlily is your one stop shop for all things creative and in this blog im going whittle down the endless list of things we can do for you to into 8 cool jobs! Here are the first four!

1. Wedding Photography

Ever loved someone you wanted to enter a legal and binding contract to them until one or both of you died? Me too! And who is more likely to know what will look good in a photo than a bonafide married couple.

Wedding Photography in Kent

This Could be You!

Our style is to capture the majesty of your special day in a timeless no nonsense fashion – no silly filters/editing tricks or fads that will look out of date in 6 months let alone 20-100 years. To get in touch for a no nonese quote simply just Email us

2. Logo Design

Got a great idea for a buisness/brand/band/facebook page etc but tired of using shoddy looking unprofessional logos? well look no further

Graphic design Folkestone

Get a minimalist logo just like these!

We can turn your idea into infinitely scalable files! Weather you need it for a blimp or a pen we can design & advise. Check out our page on Fivrr for a easy way to order.

3. Portrait Photography!

Want to get some Newborn Photography? or even just a nice photo of a family pet we are your guys.

From Portraiture to Pregnancy Shoots(pictured)

We love shooting you, our prices are very competative and we are literally up for anything, drop us a line.

4. Advertising!

We are a bit of a whizz when it comes to advertising, we love coming up with slogans, imagery and seeing a campaign come together with coherent campaign branding & message.

Want a Advert that pops?

We can even consult on campaigns, giving you creative guidance to make content that is great!


Until Next Time…

Keep your eyes peeled for the next blog in the coming weeks in the meantime put us to the test!

To read more about us and what we offer visit our about us page, and do not forget, you can get in touch too!






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